Transform: Issue #9 | June 2021| A Journal of the Radical Left



Race, class and the paradox of American politics Michael Wongsam

After victory in Bolivia: Latin America’s left retakes the offensive Francisco Domínguez

Far-right? Oh, piss off !’ How women’s strikes in Poland help to formulate a vaccine against far-right folly Urszula Kuczyńska

The Cordon Sanitaire around the Far Right has fallen in the land of the Carnation Revolution. What now? Fabian Figueiredo

Lenin’s socialism – from the perspective of the future: some considerations Tamás Krausz

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: the beginning of the end for nuclear weapons? Tom Unterrainer

Making spacecraft: skills, labour processes and cosmic society Peter Dickens

Interview: Tansy Hoskins on her new book: FOOT WORK – WHAT YOUR SHOES ARE DOING TO THE WORLD

Review: Andrew Burgin on Richard Smith’s new book: CHINA’S ENGINE OF ENVIRONMENTAL COLLAPSE

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