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Manolis Glezos: anti-fascist and socialist

Manolis Glezos, the great Greek resistance hero is dead. We mourn his loss along with his comrades in Greece and througout the world. Below we publish the moving tribute from Panagiotis Sotiris. There are many such. This is Helena Smith in the Guardian. The left in Britain salutes Manolis. He was a true internationlaist. As a young man he climbed the Acropolis to tear down the flag of the Nazis. During the battles of the Eurozone crisis he launched with Mikis Theodorakis the Common Appeal for the rescue of the Peoples of Europe. A call for international solidarity. In Britain…


Who is the parasite class?

A review of Parasite, (South Korea, written and directed by Bong Joon-ho) by Dave Kellaway “Ki-taek: They are rich but still nice Chung-sook, Ki-taek’s wife: They are nice because they are rich Chung-sook, Ki-taek’s wife: If I had all this I would be kinder” This is a film for our dark times. Director, Bong Joon-ho, looks behind the shiny Samsung phones and Hyundai cars of the South Korean economic miracle and unmasks the reality of capitalist class relations. He shows how they affect people’s choices and actions. On different levels it is a black comedy, a ghost story and even…

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