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COP26: why advanced countries must proportionately make the biggest cuts in carbon emissions

A briefing by Paul Atkin: As climate change and nuclear war are the two issues which can overturn the present basis of human civilisation, the COP26 conference will profoundly affect every person on our planet. It should therefore be an arena for strictly objective international scientific discussion and international cooperation, and strictly objective scientific evidence on climate change has been published in the run up to the conference. Regrettably, however, COP26 has also become a site for geopolitical propaganda, primarily carried out by the United States; which attempts to present the advanced countries, and in particular itself, as playing the…

In honour of Mikis Theodorakis

Heinz Bierbaum, President of the European Left writes: It is with regret that we write these lines, bidding farewell to one of contemporary Greece’s biggest personalities. Through his music and life, Mikis Theodorakis, the incomparable composer, everlasting fighter, partisan, communist and activist brought new meaning to freedom and political awareness. Theodorakis remains a symbol of the fight for freedom, democracy and social justice as well as a vibrant reminder of the battle against oppression and despair, as well as resistance. The first time Theodorakis was imprisoned and tortured for his ideals he was only 18 years old, as a resistance…

Heathcote Williams

Steve Ashley


A Free Man in Belmarsh

James Graham writes: I’m surrounded by books. I grab the one off the top of the pile and play a game of open sesame. Here goes: “They must feel that they are weak. How could this very establishment in the United Kingdom, which has been in power for hundreds of years, feel threatened? It’s quite sophisticated after all. It has many different components: the intelligence services, the banks, the landed gentry, the oligarchs from Russia, the commercial media, …the BBC which is the big propaganda organism that helps keep the country cohesive… How could they feel threatened by a wild…