The War of Corbyn’s Coat. By Michael Rosen


If Corbyn’s coat is wrong,
the others’ coats must be right.
The dead cannot see coats.
Day cannot see night.

Hurrah for the warriors of the press!
We know what rocks their boat:
at the sight of a million dead,
they quibble over Corbyn’s coat.

Let us praise famous coats,
worn to mourn the dead of war;
worn by those who lead us
as their bombs slay even more.

It’s not his coat they hate.
That’s not really their cause
What gets up all their noses?
He opposes all their wars.

Let us imagine the day –
or it could perhaps be night.
The politicians start a war
and no one turns up to fight.

1 wrong Corbyn coat = bad man;
Therefore 1 good coat = good man.
Trump wears a good coat.
Trump = good man.

Tomorrow’s lesson:
SS Officers’ lovely leathers.

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