Stop the War: A Snapshot


Author: Andrew Burgin

The Stop the War Coalition was forged in the period after 9/11when it organised a determined and highly effective mass mobilisation against the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was part of the international anti-war movement which built a global opposition to the war on terror and mobilised tens of millions of people in 2002 and 2003. This internationalism had its roots in the anti-globalisation movement, and post 9/11 the fusion of the anti-war and anti-globalisation movements was a powerful expression of an alternative political path. Internationalism is a potent catalyst for mobilising and we saw it repeated in the anti-austerity movements that grew in the wake of the global financial crisis in 2008 and more recently in the large protests that followed the murder of George Floyd. However the period in the lead up to the Iraq war marked a high point for the engagement of the radical left and socialist movement internationally. Andrew was involved in the day to day work of the Stop the War Coalition from 2001 to 2012 and this is a scrapbook of his personal photos from some of the early demonstrations, events and campaigns. It is produced as a tribute to those who built the campaign some of whom sadly are no longer with us.

Stop the War – a Snapshot will be available on the 21st September which is the 20th anniversary of the 2,000 strong meeting in central London that led to the founding of the Coalition.

The first thirty copies of the zine will either include a Military Families Against the Poster designed by Billy Childish for the End the Occupation of Iraq – Bring the Troops Home demo in 2005 or a No War for Oil sticker designed by David Gentleman.

ISBN 978-0-9955252

A4 48pp September 2021

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Stop the War: A Snaphot

Andrew Burgin

A4 48pp September 2021`