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Black Lives Matter

Feed Our Community – a necessary initiative

Maia Thomas, the founder of Exeter Black Lives Matter, writes about the Feed Our Community project that she has set up which delivers food to hundreds of people in need in her local area. Maia recently received the Ron Todd Foundation’s Equality award. Food is essential to everyone but inaccessible to many. Hunger is a matter of urgency but constantly ignored. Many people say they are ‘hungry’ as a throwaway comment daily, but have you really experienced true hunger? Behind closed doors some people face an empty fridge most days of the week with nothing but hopes and prayers till…

Black Lives Matter

Rebellion is the Gateway to Our Future

Rampant editorial collective statement PostedJune 1, 2020 If police brutality, the pandemic, and impending economic depression robbed us all of a future, this rebellion is the beginning of our collective struggle to take it back. We are in the middle of the most powerful upsurge of nationwide urban rebellions since the 1960s. This rebellion is a long time coming. While the future is uncertain, it is clear that a tremendous force was unlocked by the demonstrators who faced off against the police in every major American city this weekend. The nation has followed the example of those in Minneapolis who…