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Jeremy Corbyn

The spinelessness of the left’s ‘leaders’ marks the final defeat of Corbynism

Jackson Caines writes When the comprehensive history of Corbynism is written, it will date its demise not to the general election defeat in December 2019 or to the subsequent Labour leadership contest but to the 48 hours or so following the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn from the Labour Party on 29 October 2020. This historic moment has marked the final surrender of the Labour left to the establishment forces it sought to challenge. It is the turning of a page on a momentous, disorienting chapter in British political history and the unequivocal return to dominance of the Labour Party’s right…


China’s Engine of Environmental Collapse – book review

Andrew Burgin reviews Richard Smith’s new book ‘China’s Engine of Environmental Collapse’ Pluto 2020 It has become a truism that we live in the most dangerous phase of imperialism. Rosa Luxemburg’s assessment that the future we face is either that of ‘socialism or barbarism’ no longer fully expresses the depth of the interlocking crises facing humanity. As the Hungarian Marxist Istvan Meszaros wrote in 2003: ‘if I had to modify Rosa’s words it would be ‘barbarism if we are lucky. …the extermination of humanity is the ultimate concomitant of capital’s destructive course of development.’ The world situation has deteriorated even…


The Left must oppose the US cold war on China – not sit on the fence

Fiona Edwards writes: The US ruling class is ramping up its belligerence towards China. This new cold war threatens not just China but all of humanity. It is vital that the Western left grasps the enormous stakes involved in ensuring the total defeat of US’s new cold war and discards any temptation to take a neutral position on this massive life-and-death issue. US imperialism is desperate to contain the rise of China, retard the country’s economic development and maintain the US’s domination of world affairs. The Covid-19 pandemic is greatly accelerating the relative economic decline of the US vis-a-vis China,…


China & US Power

Tony Norfield looks at China-US power relations  and examines whether the US can stop China’s rise. This was first published on Tony’s Economics of Imperialism blog.

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