Transform: Issue #7 | March 2020 | A Journal of the Radical Left


Editorial Election defeat: what happened and what next?

Class, race, gender and the production of knowledge Helena Sheehan

Challenging South Africa’s post-apartheid normalisation of forgetting  Jeremy Cronin

Puerto Rico: the reassertion of US colonialism Francisco Dominguez

The US-backed coup in Bolivia Fiona Edwards

The militarisation of space Dave Webb

1989: thirty years on Kate Hudson

PiS wins the Polish elections, whilst the left returns to Parliament Czesław Kulesza and Gavin Rae

The Trump offensive and the stakes in the General Election Tom O’Leary

Navigating the Zeitgeist: a story of the Cold War, the new left, Irish republicanism and international communism Kate Hudson reviews Helena Sheehan’s memoir

Correspondence Simon Pirani

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