Transform #4: Remembering 1968 – La Beauté est dans la rue


Transform – a journal of the radical left – launches a special issue to mark the 50th anniversary of the dramatic events of 1968: the Vietnamese Tet offensive, the Prague Spring, the uprising of the black communities in the US, the revolutionary wave on the streets of Paris in May, all seemed to herald a new generalised advance towards socialism.

These events galvanised a generation into political activity. But the hopes raised in this new left by les événements of 1968 were largely unfulfilled, underestimating the power of resistance of the capitalist class. Experience and the unfolding of the class struggle showed revolution in the West was still a long way off.

Fifty years from 1968 the world has moved on; but the fundamental processes that were revealed in that year of tumult are still unfolding. The struggles against imperialism, racism and war continue, as do those for social, political and economic liberation and democracy.

1968 was a turning point in world history, and Transform #4 marks the 50th anniversary by addressing a number of these themes, and includes 18 illustrations from the days when beauty was in the streets.

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