Creeping Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It


A bubble economy based on debt and greed. A society hollowed out by austerity and privatisation. A political system corrupted by corporate power. A world of anguish and rage. This is the context for the rise of the Far Right.

The film of the 1930s is re-running in slow motion. Fascism is rising again. A tide of nationalism, racism, and authoritarianism is sweeping the world.

From Brexit Britain to Trump’s America, from Bolsonaro’s Brazil to Modi’s India, the Far Right is advancing.

This book is an urgent call to arms. It argues that we face the clear and present danger of creeping fascism. It sounds the alarm and says we must build a mass movement to stop the fascists before it is too late, and fight instead for a world of equality, democracy, peace, and sustainability.

An essential read for anyone concerned about the growth of the far-right, this book shows the parallels between current political events and trends within the development of Nazism in the 1930s. The similarities are chilling. If we are to avoid a repeat of history, we must have our eyes wide open and be prepared to challenge and defeat this politics – not make the mistakes of the past. — Leanne Wood

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