21 August London Public Meeting | Jeremy Corbyn, Antisemitism and Justice for Palestine


Public Meeting
Corbyn, Antisemitism and Justice for Palestine
Tuesday 21 August | 7pm
Conway Hall | Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL

Speakers include:
Tariq Ali author
Salma Karmi-Ayyoub British-Palestinian human rights lawyer
Richard Kuper Jewish Voice for Labour
Rob Ferguson Jewish anti-racist
Ben Jamal director Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Lindsey German Stop the War coalition

Criticism of Israel is being conflated with antisemitism in ways that threaten free speech and the right to protest while silencing Palestinian voices. We must vigorously oppose all forms of antisemitism, but we can’t let smears be used to silence criticism of the Israeli state.

This meeting will discuss the importance of challenging any attempt at a witch hunt, strengthening the struggle for Palestinian freedom while maintaining zero tolerance for antisemitism and all forms of racism.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry.


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