03 March | Anti-Fascist Footprints: Guided walk with David Rosenburg through London’s 1930s east end


Join this walk and learn the back story of how Oswald Mosley and his fascist black shirts were routed at the Battle of Cable Street in 1936.

Anti-Fascist Footprints | Sunday 3 March | 2.30pm – 5pm
Guided walk through 1930s London east end
From Gardiners Corner to Cable Street
Tour guide: David Rosenberg
Author of Battle for the East End and Rebel Footprints

The Battle of Cable Street in October1936 was an iconic moment in London’s 20th century history, but this moment has a back-story, and an aftermath which will be revealed.

On this walk you will find out who Oswald Mosley was, why he was so determined to build a popular base in the East End, and what this meant for the large Jewish population that inhabited this area then.

You will learn about how anti-fascists organised to defeat his movement.

Open to all attending the conference: ¡No Pasaran! Confronting the Rise of the Far-Right. Spaces are limited, so please register for this guided tour: email nopasaran@prruk.org

Newsreel: Battle of Cable Street 1936

Sir Oslwald Mosley salutes his fascist Blackshirts

They shall not pass

Cable Street - They shall not pass

Cable Street woman arrested

Fascists routed at Cable Street 1936

Fascists routed at Cable Street


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