The rise of the far right: how to meet the challenge


Over the past weeks we have seen far right mobilisations on the streets of Britain, on a scale unknown for decades. The courageous counter-marches have been a fraction of their size – an unprecedented development. A new political coalition of the right is in formation which will draw its strength from the Islamophobia, xenophobia and racism that mainstream press and politicians have promoted over the last two decades.

The rise of the far right – taking place across much of Europe – must be countered by a rapid and intense mobilisation from across the labour and progressive movement.  We must be united, in Britain and across Europe, to defeat this immensely dangerous political turn. This won’t be easy but it is essential, for far right domination of European politics would spell disaster for millions across the continent.

Public Reading Rooms is committed to taking forward, collectively, the debate that can underpin the unity and development of the movements on the scale that is necessary: to meet the rise of the internationalising far right.

We open these pages for analysis and debate on how we meet the challenge of the rise of the far right. On one thing we are certain: doing nothing to counter this rise is not an option.


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