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Transform #1, published in May 2017, sold out its first print run very quickly. See Transform founding statement and editorial board here…

Transform: Issue #2 | Contents

Right-wing forces have frequently emerged stronger from the financial crisis of 2008, but left and progressive forces have also challenged for power, and unfolding political developments and new mobilisations in Britain and elsewhere demonstrate that the right is being fought and can be defeated.

This issue of Transform addresses some of these questions: looking at the UK 2017 general election outcome and what the Labour surge means; exploring the impact of Trump’s onslaught on women; closer investigation of the practice of left parties and movements in Germany and Poland; thoughts on how to drive forward a socialist agenda; and a powerful memoire of the miners’ strike and its transformative legacy.

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Kate Hudson

Winter and Spring: the extraordinary 2017 Labour surge
Michael Wongsam

The Continuing War against Women in the US
Susan Pashkoff

Germany’s Die Linke in times of polarization
Mark Bergfeld and Leandros Fischer

The History and Future of the Polish Left
Czesław Kulesza and Gavin Rae

Thatcher and the Miners: remembering the 1984 strike
Jim Gibson

Where We Are and Where We Could Be: transitional demands and actions
Len Arthur

Review | Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths
Joseph Healy

Transform #2 | £7.50 post free


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