‘Social cleansing’ judge to lead Grenfell Inquiry as Tory promise to re-house survivors locally is broken


The government are clearly preparing a stitch-up, by putting a judge at the heart of the establishment in charge of the inquiry.

Source: Radical Housing Network

Following the announcement of Sir Martin Moore-Pick as Judge in the Grenfell inquiry, and Sir Ken Knight as chair of a new panel looking at safety, Radical Housing Network said:

“The appointment of Sir Martin Moore-Pick as the judge in the Grenfell inquiry is deeply distressing. Sir Moore-Pick has a track record of facilitating the social cleansing of London, approving Westminster Council’s decision to house a single mother with five children in Milton Keynes, 50 miles away from their family and networks, a decision later overturned by the Supreme Court. The government are clearly preparing a stitch-up, trying to put a judge at the heart of the establishment in charge of the inquiry, who supports the inhumane housing policies which have led to Grenfell.”

“The new chair of the “independent panel” advising on safety measures is Sir Ken Knight, a man who previously opposed fitting sprinklers in tower blocks and recommended £200m in cuts to the fire service. How can we have faith in this panel to deliver the protection we need? These two appointments are yet further evidence that the establishment is not committed to providing justice for Grenfell residents, and are unwilling to put in place measures which will prevent a tragedy of this enormity from happening again.”

Pilgrim Tucker , who worked with Grenfell Action Group at Grenfell Tower and is continuing to support residents, added:
“Residents from Lancaster West estate asked Theresa May to involve them in the decision making on the Grenfell Inquiry. In appointing Sir Martin Moore-Pick, she has ignored them, and appointed a completely inappropriate judge. We have no faith that this inquiry will produce justice.”

On Sajid Javid’s letter, on 28/06, that all residents made homeless by the Grenfell catastrophe will be permanently rehoused in social housing at social rent, the Radical Housing Network said:

“After over two weeks of uncertainty, and flip-flopping, it is good that the authorities have committed to housing all those made homeless by the fire, regardless of tenure, in permanent social housing at social rent. This is the absolute minimum that should be provided for people who have lost so much.
“However, after appearing to promise homes in borough, the government have backtracked. People housed in neighbouring boroughs could end up living many miles away from their jobs, families and communities. We know Kensington and Chelsea council could afford local homes if they wanted to. They should dip into some of their £274 million surplus, and provide social rented homes in the borough.”

Radical Housing Network is a network of housing campaigns from across London. Grenfell Action Group is a member of the Radical Housing Network


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