Sign petition to defend Jeremy Corbyn against smear attacks!


Tens of thousands of Labour supporters have put their name to a petition giving Jeremy Corbyn their vote of confidence. More than 20,000 people have signed the page which has been set up in response to House of Lords murmurings that Labour peers are considering a no-confidence vote.   It comes after more than 60 Labour peers took out a newspaper advertisement accusing Jeremy  Corbyn of “failing the test of leadership” amid the ongoing anti-Semitism row.

Baroness Hayter – a critic of Corbyn over the issue – was also sacked as shadow Brexit minister by the Labour leader, resulting in outrage among her colleagues.

But a petition has been set up to demonstrate support for Jeremy Corbyn among party members and supporters. It reads:

“We recognise he is the target of a relentless smear campaign, orchestrated by the wealthy establishment who do not want a socialist Labour government.”

Public Reading Rooms urges all socialists and Corbyn supporters to sign the petition here.



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