Bruce Springsteen’s tribute to Victor Jara, killed by the CIA-directed coup in Chile


Chile is in our hearts. We met many families of the missing. They came with photographs of their beloved missing relatives. It was a moment that will stay with me forever. If you are a political musician, Victor Jara is still a great inspiration. It´s an honor to be here and I take it with humility. Victor Jara is alive. – Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen performing Victor Jara’s song Manifiesto at the Movistar Arena Chile 12 September 2013.



Yo no canto por cantar
ni por tener buena voz,
canto porque la guitarra
tiene sentido y razón.
Tiene corazón de tierra
y alas de palomita,
es como el agua bendita,
santigua glorias y penas.
Aquí se encajó mi canto,
como dijera Violeta,
guitarra trabajadora
con olor a primavera.
Que no es guitarra de ricos
ni cosa que se parezca.
Mi canto es de los andamios
para alcanzar las estrellas.
Que el canto tiene sentido
cuando palpita en las venas…
del que morirá cantando,
… las verdades verdaderas.
No las lisonjas fugaces
ni las famas extranjeras
sino el canto de una lonja
hasta el fondo de la tierra.
Ahí donde llega todo
y donde todo comienza,
canto que ha sido valiente,
siempre será canción nueva.


I don’t sing just to sing
niether because i have a good voice.
I sing because the guitar
makes sense and has a reason,
It has a heart made of earth
and wings of a little dove,
It’s like holy water
it blesses glories and sadness
Here my singing got stucked
just like Violeta used to say,
a working guitar
with a spring smell.
A guitar that doesn’t belong to the rich ones
nor anything like it.
My singing comes from the scaffoldings
used to reach the stars.
Because singing makes sense
when the veins palpitate
from whom will die singing
the truthful truth
not the brief flatterings
or the foreigner fames
but the singing of a lark instead
until the bottom of the earth.
There where everything arrives
and where everything begins
The song that has been brave
will always remains as  new song.

Manifiesto sung by Victor Jara 1973


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