Al Pacino’s obsession with Heathcote Williams


Hollywood actor Al Pacino funded and starred in a film of Heathcote Williams’ play The Local Stigmatic.

Heathcote Williams is a poet, playright, essayist, lyricist, actor, artist, magician, political agitator… and much else besides. He has been a scourge of the establishment for 50 years, admired by – among many others – Harold Pinter, Samuel Beckett, William Burroughs and Hollywood actor Al Pacino.

“All his work is deeply political,” said Pinter. Al Pacino, who has been obsessed by Williams’ work since the 1980s, funded and starred in a film of his play The Local Stigmatic.

As an actor, Heathcote Williams’ numerous films include Alice in Wonderland, Orlando, Wish You Were Here and playing Prospero in Derek Jarman‘s production of The Tempest.



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