Transform: Issue #1 | May 2017 | A Journal of the Radical Left


Transform: A Journal of the Radical Left

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The first issue of Transform has been published. Its wide-ranging contents address key issues on a global and national level, from Trump to Brexit, from left populism to world capitalist crisis.

Price: £7.50 post free

Transform is linked to the transform! network of the European Left.

Transform Contents: Issue 1

  • The World According to Trump / Jude Woodward
  • Latin America and the European Left / Francisco Dominguez
  • The Fashion-Celebrity Nexus: a new opiate of the people? / Interview with Tansy Hoskins
  • The Permanent Debt Economy: towards a new Marxist understanding of the world capitalist crisis / Neil Faulkner
  • Left Populism: the challenges from grassroots to electoral politics / Marina Prentoulis and Lasse Thomassen
  • Northern Ireland and the Brexit Wrecking Ball / Joseph Healy
  • Right wing putsch, escalating racism, deepening austerity: the real meaning of Brexit / Phil Hearse



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