Robin lasts – by David Erdos


As someone who strives for a degree of elegance but who is fated never to achieve it, I was always struck by Robin’s natural elegance, poise and charm. It was a privilege to know him and to feel a little of his favour so I can imagine the warmth and love extended to you all and to Manuela, Dany, Alice and Sam.

While some say that death is a symptom of life’s limited state I would hope it is merely the malady of the soul endured as part of its path towards ascension. At this painful moment for his family and all of his friends, colleagues and comrades, I wish him the safest and purest of flights. Among many others, he and Heathcote Williams will now be able to talk endlessly into the light.

This poem was written when I heard the sad news.


It is only through dark
That light achieves its full measure.
Against its lines we gain purchase
On the presence and gift
Of life’s charm.

None were as charming
Or sleek,
From his urbane stance
To the treasure
Of his good looks and viewpoint
On the counter cultural dance
As we stumble
The oncoming political storm.

As devoted to change
As he was to The Action (Robin’s
Favourite band)
He was totem
To standards and time

On this dreadful day
When what was Beste
Has been taken
We will commit love and friendship
To honouring his soft shadow
Sharpening as we listen
To all that he shared.

Robin lasts.

by David Erdos, 31st May 2019



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