The art of politics and vice versa


Public Reading Rooms is an artwork whose shape and direction is the property of those involved.

It is critical thought and adventurous politics and sophisticated materialism. Optimistic analysis and the beauty of the street lie at its heart. It will concern itself with the art of politics and vice-versa.

So welcome to the Public Reading Rooms. We hope to do a few things: some publishing and some exhibitions and other stuff too.

PRR will be a collective project with all its joys and difficulties. In utopian spirit we aim to include those from across the left who share common goals while encouraging debate on strategy and tactics.

Our history is yet to be written. We must take our part in shaping the events that will define the period in which we live.

Ours is an activist project trying to draw together all those who believe another world is possible. Come and play and as the Situs used to say bring what you hope to find.




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