Saira Viola: Three Poems


Source: Underground Books

Paris Krush

Anthracite skies bleed sequins of light
Woven with silver and threads of gold
Seducing the Seine with a ballet of lace
Pearls and Cognac she stands alone
As oxblood nudes and cigar smoke mix with the heat of the night
Silhouetted in stretch satin coated with mystery and sting ray cool
She feasts on a bi colored optical mirage .
Burgundy rimmed petals carpet the carcass of dead Beatles
And American Jazz notes infuse the air with Miles Davis melancholy
Against the studded opulence which feathers the ritzy grandeur of the Champs Elysees
A Promenade of the grotesque and grand : street walkers transvestites and drag artists mime insults to tourists and trade
While crushed cardamom , mocha coffee peppermint water and Moroccan spice ignite the senses.
She is a velvet ribbed orchestra of raw beauty elegant charm and
Caviar knuckled scorn.
A nocturnal paradise of chance
A glamorama of dirty glitter
She is a dangerous vamp who can lift you to eternal rapture
Or rot your soul with artifice .
All this- one night : one Parisian Kiss .


Duke Ellington Blue

The lines on his face were etched with Rum
His eyes drooped down
They were battered folds of red
And veined with the purple fist of poverty
He had a 24 hour vacant look about him – it said he was OPEN to all offers
Scavenging for that one golden thread of hope that would save him from this
Abbatoir of savage gloom
Sometimes he still strummed the notes on his shot gun guitar
His fingers like bloodied bananas fried in Ghee
He was a shadow in his own land , an exile of no worth
His army fatigues clubbed with glory
But his smile cut with cremated dreams-


Tuesday At Dawn

As the dawn cracks with light
A suffocating numbness punctures the air
Killing the blossom of youth
And drowning faith into a bloody requiem
Gunfire rapes the horizon
And dreams scatter like weeping confetti
Your eyes a landscape of misery
Haunted by the fear of uncertainty
Waiting for the end to come
But still that vegetable stillnes clings to the skies
Smothering all refuge of hope


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