Brexit Boris – From Mayor to Nightmare. By Heathcote Williams


Uncovered here are the lies, the sackings, the betrayals, the racist insults, the brush with criminality, that should have got Boris Johnson disbarred from ever being considered for high office. Instead, on the back of Brexit Britain, he has reached the dizzy heights of the Foreign Office, with his eyes still set on one day being prime minister.

Heathcote Williams is a poet, playwright, essayist, lyricist, actor, artist, magician, political agitator … and much else besides.

Forensic and passionate, eloquent and polemical, Heathcote Williams’s meticulous prose roars with righteous anger – Jeremy Hardy

Brexit Boris quickly sold out its first print run and the second edition is on special offer at £8 post free.

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ISBN 978-0-9955352-0-6. For trade enquiries, contact Turnaround:
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