Kids Against Raids & Borders


The launch of a new youth-led group called Kids Against Raids & Borders (KARB).

Source: Anti-Raids Network

The first few months since the introduction of the nationality requirements of the school census has seen campaigning & boycott calls from groups like Schools ABC and Defend Digital Me, as well as children such as Biplob who have simply refused to comply with the data collection.
  • Children cross borders.
  • Children are targeted by racists.
  • Children witness raids.
  • Children see media and political campaigns that scapegoat migrants.

On the back of this, the next Nights against Borders social in South London will see the launch of a new youth-led group called Kids Against Raids & Borders (KARB).

This first meeting will provide a space for children and young people to get together and plan. The not-so-young are equally welcome to come along in the spirit of solidarity.

Kids Against Raids & Borders (KARB): First Meeting
Sunday 20 November 3.30-6.00pm
The Field, 385 Queens Road, New Cross

This is a group for children, young people and their families to support each other and share ways of resisting raids and borders in children’s lives. In our first ever meeting as part of the monthly Nights against Borders:

  • Grown-ups can talk with other families about the impact of anti-immigrant campaigns on our families and children, and discuss how they can support children in the face of these campaigns;
  • Young people and children can meet together, discuss what they want from the group, make a blog site, a zine and artwork for the group, see a film made by young people about resisting borders plan other activities, learn about resisting raids;
  • Younger children can play, paint, make things, tell and hear stories.

Rough schedule:

3.30-5pm: Kids activities in the greenhouse & garden (entrance through the side gate).
5-6pm: Discussion in the main space with contributions from KARB, Sin Fronteras (a Latin American youth group working for migrant rights) and SchoolsABC (a campaign group against borders in schools).
6-10pm: Food and social.

Download the leaflet here


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