Why I’d rather not see transgender people in the military


Source: International Times

I’d rather not see transgender people in the military
I’d rather not see gay people in the military
In fact I would rather not see women in the military
And the reason I feel this way is that I would rather
Not see men in the military.
Actually I would rather not have a military.

Captain Paul Watson

“As a pacifist I do not discriminate. I’ve been in war zones, I’ve seen the bodies and I’ve seen the horrors. I’d rather not see anyone in the military. I’m a strong and staunch advocate of not killing of not crippling them, of not amputating their limbs, of not being treated like shit when they become veterans. And don’t give me a line of bullshit about how they are defending our freedom. They are not. They are defending corporate freedoms and helping to erode the constitution by diminishing our individual freedoms. In the Spanish-American War, the military fought for sugar companies and in the Iraq War they fought for oil companies and for the most part the only thing accomplished has the destabilization of numerous nations and the slaughter of millions. There is no honour in mass murder.”

Chelsea Manning

Bradley Manning, the army intelligence analyst who is one of the most important whistleblowers in US history, came out as a trans woman, named Chelsea, the day after he was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment, subsequently commuted by President Obama on May 17, 2017.

“President Trump banning transgender people serving in the US military is further reason we should dismantle the bloated and dangerous military/intel/police state to fund healthcare for all.”

Bill Hicks: Gays in the military



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